Announcing: The All-New PM101 Podcast

A team of DC insiders is launching the first-ever political podcast of a live audience Q&A show.

Politics+Media 101 (PM101) is a nonpartisan, 5x per week live event that started on the Clubhouse app.

Almost overnight, it grew to be the app’s largest political show—drawing up to 30,000 live listeners and participants every day.

Over the past four months, the show’s founders have curated over 150 incredible conversations, and recorded their favoriteswhich will soon be released to the world for the first time.

The show will now also be a podcast with its novel, live Q&A format, top-flight content, and A-list bookings—including 4 Pulitzer Prize winners, 8 Members of Congress, an Obama Secretary of Defense,  and a Trump National Security Advisor. 

One major feature is that listeners will be able to participate in future shows, which are all taped live, 5x per week, with a real-time audience Q+A option.

Make sure you sign up for the PM101 e-mail list to receive exclusive event invitations, past episodes, and notifications when news breaks and we start discussions with experts in real time.

List of Past Guests (wow, this podcast is going to be sweet):

Upcoming Elected/Government Officials:

  • US Congressman Dan Newhouse
  • Former Trump National Security Advisor HR McMaster
  • Two US Senators, GOP, and Dem, on unity and US tech policy
  • General Mark Hertling
  • CA Supreme Court Justice Cuellar

Past Officials:

  • Former US Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta
  • US Senator Mark Warner
  • US Congressman Auchincloss (Appeared twice)
  • US Congressman Peter Meijer
  • US Congressman Jim Himes
  • US Congressman Bruce Westerman 
  • US Congressman. Joe Courtney 
  • US Congressman Seth Moulton
  • Former US Congressman Joe Walsh
  • Former George W. Bush Secretary of Commerce Carlos Gutierrez


  • Washington Post’s David Fahrenthold; Phillip Rucker; Carol Leonig; Ellen   Nakashima; Josh Rogin (twice); Dan Diamond; Tolu Olorunnipa; Robert Samuels
  • New York Times’s David Sanger; Steven Erlanger; Ken Vogel; Sheera Frenkel; Cecilia Kang; Ivan Nechepurenko; Declan Walsh  
  • CNN’s Bakari Sellers, Ellie Honig
  • The Wall Street Journal’s Michael Bender, John Mitchel
  • FiveThiryEight’s Managing Director Micah Cohen
  • Cook Political Report’s Dave Wasserman
  • The New Yorker’s Susan Glasser
  • The Atlantic’s Isaac Dovere, McKay Coppins
  • Politico’s Eric Geller

Foreign Government Officials:

  • Former VP of Afghanistan, Yunus Qanooni 
  • Former Pakistan Ambassador to the US, Husain Haqqani
  • Former Israeli Ambassador Alon Pinkas

Think Tanks and Universities:

  • Carnegie Endowment’s Aaron David Miller; Eugene Rumer, Steven Feldstein
  • CSIS’s Victor Cha; Su Mi Terry
  • Hudson Institute’s Michael Duran; Patrick Cronin; Miles Yu; 
  • CATO Institute’s Alex Nowrasteh
  • Wilson Center’s Michael Kugelman
  • Arab Gulf Institute’s Hussein Ibish
  • Stanford University’s Francis Fukuyama
  • Tufts Fletcher School’s Daniel Drezner; Chris Miller; Katrina Burgess
  • George Washington University’s Stephen Kaplan

2 thoughts on “Announcing: The All-New PM101 Podcast

  1. Christy Abraham says:

    Incredibly excited for your brave new journey!!! You have created a beautiful momentum of discussion and reflection. Can’t wait for the future.

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